101 in 1001

Hello, everyone! It’s been far too long, and I honestly did not realize how much I missed this until I sat down to write this post. I took a much-needed break over the holiday season (including to celebrate my 21st birthday, which I promise I’ll get to!), and spent some time to do some long-term planning, both for myself and for the blog.

I’m graduating from college in December, so I figured it was time- not necessarily to have a hard-and-fast plan for the next five or ten years, but at least to have some sort of guide that I can look back at and use to measure my progress in all areas of life. Enter, Mackenzie Horan to save the day!

Mackenzie has long been one of my favorite bloggers to follow, and I have always been fascinated by her “101 in 1001” lists. She creates a list of 101 things she wants to accomplish in the next 1001 days, which is just under three years. The items are a mix of tasks to accomplish in a day, long-term life goals, and bucket list items- perfect for me to track that progress in all areas I was mentioning before! Her post about tips for writing your own list was the catalyst I needed to really think about my goals, in all the categories listed below.

101 in 1001


I will be keeping track of these both here on the blog and in these cute bullet journal-style lists I hand-wrote out, and I can’t wait to get started! Without further ado, my 101 in 1001 list:

101 in 1001

Begin: January 19th, 2019

End: October 17th, 2021


  1. Graduate with honors
  2. Get a piece of fiction published
  3. Enter 10 writing competitions
  4. Submit my work 25 times
  5. Get an internship
  6. Post once a week on the blog for three months (2/15)
  7. Go to two professor’s office hours a semester (1/4)
  8. Take one paper a semester to office hours (1/2)
  9. Update LinkedIn 15 times
  10. Apply to graduate school
  11. Apply for five scholarships
  12. Apply to three publishing internships
  13. Participate in a mock interview
  14. Give “Thank You” notes to my favorite professors at the end of each semester
  15. Take the GRE


  1. Take vitamins every day for three months
  2. Work out every day for at least one week
  3. Be able to run three miles without stopping
  4. Reach water goal in ounces every day for two weeks
  5. Go three weeks without eating out
  6. Run a 10k
  7. Try personal training
  8. Try five new workout classes
  9. Go to the gym three times a week for a month (0/5)
  10. Eat the ketogenic diet without cheating for a month
  11. Visit the doctor at least once a year
  12. Go on five new-to-me hikes
  13. Go to “goat yoga”
  14. Go to yoga twice a week for a month

Personal Development

  1. Read at least 50 books (3/50) – My Grandmother Asked Me to Tell You She’s Sorry- Fredrik Backman, Attachments– Rainbow Rowell, Pride and Prejudice- Jane Austen)
  2. Read five classics (1/5)- Pride and Prejudice– Jane Austen
  3. Unplug completely for 24 hours
  4. Spend less time on phone (under 2.5 hours a day per week)
  5. Upgrade to a new phone
  6. Write a review for Glass Mountain Literary Magazine
  7. Meditate 5,000 minutes
  8. Do two easy self-care things a week for a month
  9. Try 25 new recipes (3/25)- Banana pudding, bacon chicken rice casserole, Mexican lasagna
  10. Do “More Love Letters”
  11. Go a week without social media
  12. Try 10 new ways of doing my hair
  13. Learn how to do barrel curls
  14. Visit three museums
  15. Get two massages
  16. Have a day where I do at least ten Random Acts of Kindness
  17. Complete the Marie Kondo challenge
  18. Write 20 letters
  19. Go to the Texas Book Festival
  20. Detail or get car detailed
  21. Visit five new parks

Just for Fun

  1. Take a sailing lesson
  2. Go to the Texas state fair
  3. Try at least 20 new restaurants (4/20)- Grotto, Present Company, St. Arnold’s Brewery,
  4. Go to a music festival
  5. Finish Buffy and Angel (This is embarrassing but I have been trying to finish these two TV shows since HIGH SCHOOL. It’s time.)
  6. Go to Rooftop Cinema Club
  7. Skydive
  8. Dye my hair (the bottom) a fun color
  9. Take a surfing lesson
  10. Leave notes about what a book means to me in five books at a bookstore
  11. Attend a ballet
  12. Play in the rain
  13. Watch 10 documentaries (2/10)- Amy, Somm
  14. Take a calligraphy class or finish a calligraphy how-to book
  15. Take a printing/paper making class


  1. Get a part time job
  2. Do three freelance writing pieces
  3. Try “I Secret Shop”
  4. Donate to church
  5. Save $400 for Christmas
  6. Spend only what’s in budget app for one month
  7. Open a savings account
  8. Spend under $100 on eating out for three different months (not summer or at home)
  9. Go two months without shopping (buying anything unnecessary)


  1. Get engaged
  2. Take Taylor to the Art Car Museum
  3. Celebrate our five year anniversary
  4. Go on a date to Goliad
  5. Take a cooking class together
  6. Take photos together

Family and Friends

  1. Give care packages to 10 friends (4/10)- Banana pudding
  2. Host a dinner party (a la Reese Witherspoon, my inspiration)
  3. Host a brunch party
  4. Send flowers to my mom for no reason out of the blue
  5. Treat a friend to a nice dinner
  6. Go on a road trip with friends (New Orleans)
  7. Take grandma out to lunch, just us
  8. Play tennis with dad


  1. Go back to the East Coast
  2. Go to Europe
  3. Take eight weekend trips (1/8)- New Orleans
  4. Study abroad
  5. Set foot in a new state– Indiana for AFLV Central through the Panhellenic Council
  6. Go to Texas Tulips
  7. Visit Kemah Boardwalk
  8. See five Houston murals
  9. Go to a flower festival


  1. Send out Christmas cards
  2. Visit a Christmas tree farm
  3. Host a favorite things holiday party (Joanna Gaines)
  4. Make a wreath


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