Why I Love Houston

Go Coogs Puppy

We’ve reached the end of our kickoff series! This is week six of six (!!) of the Houston event series, where I attend a Houston event weekly and cover it here on the blog.

I can’t believe it’s been six weeks! This experience has been eye-opening and challenging, but more than anything else, it has been SO fun!

For this week, I did something a little different and chose an event which is more personal to me. This event is close to my heart but may or may not be new to you- college football! More specifically, I attended a Cougar football game at the University of Houston’s TDECU Stadium.

TDECU Stadium

I love the University of Houston, and I love more than anything proudly wearing that red and white. Before the game, tailgates from student and alumni interest groups dot the outside of the stadium. They are an inviting, welcoming place to get excited for the game, spend time with others who love this University and city just as much as you do, and also to get some amazing tailgate food. Seriously, some of the best mac and cheese I’ve ever had came from a tailgate, and free is way cheaper than anything inside the stadium!

The energy at these games is electric, and the moment the flames erupt on one side of the stadium to reveal the players as they run onto the field, there is an audible uptick in excitement. We truly do what we do for the city (H-town takeover!), and reminders of that are all over Cougar football games. These games, to me, embody the spirit of the university, and more expansively, the spirit of the city.

As I reflected, I realized I wanted to end this series with a culminating “why I love this city.” I love Houston because in six weeks of trying new events, I barely scratched the surface. I love Houston because ideas from everyone around me- peers, friends, teachers- have poured in since I began. I love Houston because nobody loves anything like Houston loves Houston. I love Houston because this city welcomes outsiders from any and all walks of life. I love this city because it has given me the best friends a girl could ever hope for.

Below is a collection of some of my favorite photos from the past six weeks!

I can’t wait to see where we take this, but I need your help! The kickoff series is over, so what do you want to see next? Leave a comment below or hop on over to my Twitter @miss_mindy_may to make any suggestions!

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