Thrifting in HTX


This is week 3 of my Houston event series! Each week I attend an event that is uniquely Houston and cover it here on the blog.

We are halfway through this kickoff series, and I have been having a blast getting to know this city better. I can’t wait to show everybody what I have planned for the last three weeks, but first, I wanted to pop some tags. That was so cheesy I’m cringing at myself, but this week I went thrift shopping, and I found the BEST deals.

My first stop was Montrose, where there is a strip on Westheimer lined with different thrift shops and small boutiques. The strip also happens to be conveniently located right next to Agora, one of the best coffee shops in Houston for holing up in for hours to study and drink Greek frappes. On this trip, I visited Leopard Lounge and Pavement Houston Clothing. Leopard Lounge was a little too hipster for my taste and I didn’t find anything that I felt like I would wear on a regular basis. I enjoyed Pavement more and was able to find a couple of items of interest. The store has a great skirt selection, especially, but I will warn you that the sizing is very off on everything, so make sure you check the tag attached to the actual item of clothing instead of the tag the store attaches to it.


While walking around Montrose’s thrift stores, I also found a little bit of the artistic spirit that Houston is so well known for. Between two of the shops is a wall of murals, ranging from a tribute to the amazing Florence + The Machine to a doughnut floating on a river. My favorite, though, was a classic pink wall.

Although I visited a variety of thrift shops, I had the best luck at the two Goodwills I visited- one in the Heights and one in Montrose. These stores are STOCKED with name brand clothes in the preppiest brands. I found oodles of J. Crew, Ann Taylor, Loft, Lululemon, Ralph Lauren, and Banana Republic. They also have a “boutique” section that has well-known brands set apart at slightly higher (but still great) prices, but I recommend going through the regular racks as well. Those racks were where I found my crowning jewel find on this trip- a Tory Burch turtleneck sweater for $5.99!

I had a great time, and I would love to hear your ideas about other Houston thrift stores in the comments below. I also wanted to drop a quick Halloween joke I found on my trip, because ’tis the season!


Happy thrifting!


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