Flower Vault

This is week 2 of my Houston event series! Each week I attend an event that is uniquely Houston and cover it here on the blog.

Flower Vault

The first thing you see when you open the Flower Vault website is a banner that says, “Snap the picture everyone wants,” and that is exactly what I did when I visited this photography studio, located in the heart of Montrose.

What is Flower Vault? Flower Vault is a group of four flower-themed photography rooms for amateurs and professionals alike. Going will cost you $20 a person, but the hour-long sessions will yield plenty of Instagram-ready pictures that make the price more than worth the money. Flower Vault changes their room themes with the season and location, but all fall 2018 is dedicated to Houston, so go check it out while you still can!

Flower Vault 24

A couple quick tips before we get into the rooms- Flower Vault does accept walk-ins, but I suggest you book your session through their website to ensure your time is available. Also, the pink peony and rose wall is located right in front and is free for use by anyone. Because this wall is free, I suggest waiting to photograph that one until the end, because your session ends when it is scheduled, whether or not you actually start in the rooms on time. Lastly, time yourselves! I was not keeping close track of the time and ended up not spending as much time in the last room as I would have liked to.

Each of the four rooms is completely different, allowing for a wide range of moods and ~aesthetic vision~. The first room is plain white with a strip of purple flowers and greenery running along the wall.

Flower Vault 13

The second room is all about the floral patterns. The room is divided into halves, one side covered in green floral and the other in blue floral patterns. This room has props, as well- books, a bookshelf, and two chairs are patterned the exact same as the wall. There are even bodysuits and sheets in the same material you can use to blend in for some artistic photos.

Flower Vault 21


The third room has a rainbow of flowers in autumnal colors on a cream background.

Flower Vault 8


The fourth and final room is all orange! Lines of orange carnations hang in big bunches at various widths and depths around the room.

Flower Vault 25.jpg

I love “doing it for the ‘gram” as much as the next girl, but for me, dressing up to take nice photos is about more than vanity and a few extra likes. Photo shoots are a fun way to gather friends together and an excuse to dress up nicely “just because.” These sessions are times that I won’t soon forget from my college experience. Almost every photo I have, both from this shoot and others, is attached to a memory, a joke, or a laugh with some of my best friends. I look forward to having a collection of photos to look back on as a memento of my time in undergrad, and I highly suggest that if you are ever looking for something to do with friends, consider booking a photo shoot!

See the rest of the images below, including a few with guest appearances by my gal pals and photographer, Catherine Sieraski. (I encourage you to check out her work here or on Instagram @catherinegrace.photography). Leave a comment below and let me know which room is your favorite!


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